• August 10 - registration opens via the website www.hathorfestival.com;

  • October 3 - closing of the contest entries and deadline for sending the videos of the first phase;

  • October 10 - Finalists announced - 20h LIVE on Instagram @hathorfestival;

  • October 11 - Technical essay and guidelines for the finalists;

  • October 16 - Master Category Competition - single phase - 8 pm with live broadcast on Youtube Hathor Festival;

  • October 17th - Great final in the Categories: Professional Solo, Amateur Solo, Children's Solo, Youth Solo, Solo Folklore, Male Solo and Gypsy Solo, starting at 10am with live transmission by YouTube- Hathor Festival;

  • We are a family owned and operated business.

  • October 17 - Disclosure of the champions in all categories and special prizes, starting at 8 pm with live transmission on YouTube - Hathor Festival and then the Gala Show “Super Brasil” with the masters and jurors of the event;

  • October 18 - Live workshops using the Zoom app, classes were recorded for a month:


Linda Hathor

Ballerina, teacher, choreographer, producer and actress.

She started her studies in Belly Dance in 1998, in Paraná and, since then, she dedicates herself professionally to this art as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and director of the Hathor Group of oriental dances.

In 2003, he received his professional registration DRT: 14774 by the Paraná Artists Union - SATED.

Angela Xuxu

Ballerina, teacher, choreographer, producer and administrator.

Angela is an experienced dance teacher, actively participating in the cultural market since 2003. Ballerina Khan el Khalili 2017

He has performed at several festivals throughout Brazil, typical restaurants and events.

In her training as a dancer she studied with great masters, among them:


55 - 41 - 99901-0389

Curitiba - Parana - Brasil

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